Thursday, January 19, 2012

HACKLES - The Boys

Hackles, "The Boys."  The title lets you know from the get-go, that we got Hackle's back!  But they bess done watch they fronts, cause its the people that front, they be pullin' stunts...  Ya know?  Anyhow, This is the new hackles EP.  It seems to be a tape release, judging from the image Joel gave me.  It is yet another brick-shit-house of an EP.  Andrew smashes the skins with a fury and vengeance unsurpassed in all of music.  You got Conner "Sarge Jeff" Kelly playing guitar with his red, hairy eggs, Joel's losing his pick, Aurelio is lighting a cigarette and playing occasionally like a madman with a rubbery wrist, and you got Dave K, the man, himself who rouses "The Boys," with such blood and anger that he frightens all living beings back to their mother's wombs!  I mean, look at the fucking front cover!  Get out of his way or else he might try to finger you through your jeans really, really hard and with a disregard for all common manners.  Also, just gotta say, it couldn't properly be called The Boys without including pebbles (joel's dog on the insert).  Even though she is a bitch, shes more like one of The Boys.  Anyway, check this out if you reeeaaally wanna know wuss goohh!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


"I've played guitar solos infront of alot of people, but its never been fast paced life in the fast lane action rock live tonight."


"Off stop.  I hate it when you have left arms."

-Pete Harasymiw
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

"Kill the people in the streets of Britain.  Kill their families for the punks and skins!"

-Dan Kozuch
I forget when he said this.  

Friday, January 6, 2012


Here's the first post I've done since September!  So this is my newest band.  Andrew got the name from the last name of the current reigning Pope Fuhrer.  This is a four song demo tape we recorded 100% live at the Row House.  I did the art for the insert.  It is supposed to be the Vatican Museum with fighter jets above it.  It will be available for $3 once we play our first show.  Or you could ask me for one early if you dig it and want a hard copy.  It comes with Dan's lyric sheet.  They are quite bizarre and entertaining. The line up is as follows: Dan Kozuch on vocals, Andrew McCarthy on drums, Rob Flager (punk name ;] ) on bass, and myself on guitar.  It's the first time i've played guitar in an actual band and its a lot of fun so far.  We talk about what Ratzinger sounds like and we usually use the names, Hellhammer, Bad Brains, Rudimentary Peni, Discharge, to describe how we sound... Whatever, maybe that will give you an idea of what this sounds like.  Just download it.  You'll want to break stuff.