Thursday, September 29, 2011


I LOVE THESE GIRLS!  I LOVE THIS BAND!  Ally of Outdates and Honey Suck started a new band with a new group of people, two of which (phoebe and abbie) are new to being in a band and even playing their instruments, guitar that is.  I was thoroughly impressed by their musicianship and their chemistry and how tight the band is.  I recorded this demo for them and it was a blast and it has turned out to be my greatest production yet, not to mention Potty Mouth is one of the best bands i've recorded, in my opinion.  Being one of the very few all girl bands in the area, Potty Mouth is also one of the most unique bands of the area period, male or female.  If you like the Pixies, or Sonic Youth, this mmmay blow you away...  (oh by the way this isn't the demo art.  They are currently working on art for CDs and tapes.  your gonna want to pick one up.)

Friday, September 16, 2011

INTERVIEW - Joel Barnes of HACKLES (plus demo)

Hackles is probably the newest addition to the Western Mass scene.  A hard-hitting, drunken mess, Hackles has already developed a live reputation of slippery chaos and violent drunkenness.  The band has a pretty classic sound.  Its fast, its loud, its pissed off.

All of the dudes are close friends of mine, so i asked Joel if i could do an interview about Hackles with him and he agreed, so here is my first local interview (many more to come).  Its not much of an interview, due to Joel's apparent lack of motivation, but in so doing, I believe it sums up the attitude of the entire band.  Their demo is available right below the interview.  enjoy!

This is Joel Barnes, but not Joel Barnes of Hackles.This was ust the first pic
 that came up when i searched his name on google.  pretty cool huh?

NICK:  So, how did the 4 of you (you, Andrew, Dave, and Aurelio) come to decide to form Hackles? How long ago was that?

JOEL:  Andrew and I were jamming some tunes or something. Asked Aurelio if he wanted to, he did. I think the three of us played a couple of times and then figured we needed the most sexual man in the world to front this shit. Dave. I think maybe April or so.

NICK:  Tell me what a typical Hackles practice is like. What goes on?
There are roomers of heavy drinking taking place every Sunday. How
productive are you?

JOEL:  We practice getting drunk and then sometimes play songs. A typical afternoon usally consists of a couple of bottles of Schnapps and plenty of dick/scrotum. I ate a hot dog out of Daves asshole one time. We usally get things done.
NICK:  What are some of your main influences within the band's songwriting?

JOEL:  Schnapps/dicks/balls

NICK:  any MUSICAL influences at all?JOEL:  Not really.

NICK:   How do you guys write songs? whats the typical process?

JOEL:  I usally come up with some shit and show it to Andrew. I don't know what the rest of the dudes do. Andrew comes up with some shit too, you can tell which ones he wrote cause theyre actually good.

NICK:  The few live Hackles sets that have taken place recently, have
seemed to muster up a reputation among audiences. What do you think
that reputation is? Do you like it?

JOEL:  Mothers beware, do you know where your children are? Hopefully not with us.

NICK:  I saw you guys play a tiny little show at your house one
Sunday with your new addition to the Hackles lineup and i thought it
was rad. how do you and others in the band feel about the new member?
What's the chemistry like between the 4 of you and Connor Kelly? How
has the songwriting process changed since his addition? is it too
early to say?

JOEL:  It's awesome, I can drink and smoke more while playing.

NICK:  Why in the world would you cover a Blackbelt Club song?

JOEL:  Schnapps.

NICK:  What do you think the future looks like for Hackles? Will you
guys ever go on a weekend tour with Ungoliant this winter?

JOEL:  That'd be rad.

NICK:  Are you guys planning on making tapes or cds of your demos for
people? (You should be prepared to after this post)

JOEL:  Probably.

NICK:  How was the demo recorded?

JOEL:  With stuff in a basement.

NICK:  you guys planning on recording another demo soon, with the new
batch of songs you have churned out?

JOEL:  Most definitly. Intrested in doing it?

Here's the demo:

Thursday, September 8, 2011

OTRO MUNDO - Jellied

I normally don't like to post things from random people i don't know, but i got an e-mail from a guy in this band asking me to listen to their demo and to put it up on my blog if i liked it.  Well i did like it, a lot.
This shit is super 90s.  Think Hüsker Dü and My Bloody Valentine with a touch of psychedelia.  Good Stuff.  Here's Tempe Arizona's, Otro Mundo.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

DISGUSTER - Live At Meat Gum, 4/16/11

Haven't been back for a while, but i have a new post here.  This is a new tape i'll be selling at Ungoliant shows or wherever i guess.  It's from a live video recording that Ally took at a show i played at Meat Gum.  You can find it on youtube actually.  But the audio came out so well that i decided to dub it to tape and make a new release.  So here it is.  Meat Gum rules!  Thanks Ally.  Thanks Albert

Friday, August 19, 2011



hope you can make it you fucking cretins. 

Monday, July 25, 2011

DISGUSTER - Ferocious Hell Blizzard

So the plan to release this promo cd as an actual full-length album on the Northern Ireland label, Ominous Silence fell through.  =(  So here is the whole thing.  since its not being released i figure i'd share it now.  Here ya go....

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

GZA - Liquid Swords

DUDES... I've come to the conclusion that I may like this album more than 36 Chambers...  yea i do.  It's so damn good.  So after your done bowing to Deep Purple, get one your knees and suck GZA's dick you insignificant pigs!

p.s. - 
"I'm on a mission that niggas say is impossible
but when i swing my swords they all chopable
i be the body dropper, the heart beat stopper
child educator, plus head and potato (HEAD AMPUTATER!!!*)
cause nigga's styles are old like Mark 5 sneakers 
lyrics are week like clock radio speakers!"


Before "Machine Head" or "Burn," in 1970, there was "In Rock."  It was a very good year for Deep Purple apparently, at least musically.  This album is surprisingly not one they are more commonly known for, or so i've noticed.  If you like Rock n' Roll and you want your mind to be blown so far up your ass it hurts so good... than download this masterpiece.  I can not begin to do this album justice by saying that it is probably one of the most brilliant rock album of its time and i don't know who would argue.  BOW TO DEEP PURPLE YOU INSIGNIFICANT PIGS!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

FACE OFF - Right to Thrash

In the spirit of Agawam Massachusetts, Heres Face Off!!!  A 2005 release.  whoa memories of dicks and balls flood my brain...


Heres another Agawonian. (next to Chico, Kevin, and Thrasher)  Three songs for ya.  He sent them to me on Aim a few years ago.  Kid's Nasty!  The first song is pretty much the first Yack Snot song ever recorded if you ask me.  The next two are nintendo game-boy inspired.  Overall, im sure they were all largely influenced by Skateboarding, as the last song, "Skateboard Crusin" may indicate.  Don't think he'd care that im posting these songs.  They are being posted without permission...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

GNAW THEIR TONGUES -...Spasming and Howling, Bowels Loosening and Bladders Empyting, Vomiting Helplessly...

Oh my fucking god... This album is insane, with no shortage of sacrilege!  It will make you uncomfortable and feeling dirty.  this is a solo, self-released album from a band from the Netherlands, "Gnaw Their Tongues" from 2007.  The instrumentation is drum machine, buzzed-out guitar, sounds like there is some bass, and frequent use of grim, dogmatic sound bites.  There are even tribal parts with bongos and singing.  ITS NUTS! The production lo-fi and maxed out.  It's certainly a black metal album, but I hear a ton of influence from other places.  I hear Swans at times, Neurosis, early era Boris, and Leviathan and even Nargaroth!  Haha whatever.  First heard about the band from Stuart Graham of Ominous Silence Records out of  Northern Ireland.  He is working on a release with the band, due to be released in the near future.  Heres what the record will look like:  
Here is the link to Ominous Silence:
Stuart and I have been discussing putting out a 10" vinyl Disguster album,"Ferocious Hell Blizzard," likely to come out in late September at this point.  

Anyway, keep your eyes pealed for this release on Ominous Silence if you dig this album.  Its as fucked up as it's name!  Do iiiiit...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Andrew McCarthy and Senator John Edwards????!!!!!

I know what your up to Andrew.


Formerly known as Deceivers, this is the band's first release as Psychic Blood, Leaves.  I recorded this on cassette some time ago and Jason's finally ready to let you all hear it.  It was a fun recording session.   All the music was done live first take, but honestly my favorite part of recording this band was doing the vocal overdubs.  Watching Jason OOOH and AAAH without hearing any music was pricelessly funny hehe.  This stuff is slightly different from the Deceivers releases.  It sounds like Sonic Youth, Wipers, and Bleach-era Nirvana had a very healthy 3-way baby.  Its a bit darker than before.  Download this.  Also, congratulations to these guys for getting their summer tour with Outdates together!  Have fun guys!


MAD WORLD - Hardcore (on tour from rva)
DRY SPELL - also on tour from rva
VELD - Black noise (memer of Veloz, Host, WEEDBLADE!)
UNGOLIANT - My band with Keenan, Girshwin, and B. Larken (1st wave BM)

June 12th @ Dad City 
Amherst MA (right on 116 near Hampshire college.)
$5 for the touring bands


I would like to share with you a band of mine, which has yet to leave the ground.  Cramp Class was originally myself on bass, Keenan also on bass, Tim on drums, and DK on vocals.  We practiced for a few months and eventually recorded a 3 song demo.   It was a difficult and challenging band to be in.  We really pushed ourselves to the best of our technical and songwriting abilities.  But, not long after the demo, Tim became disenchanted with the band.  Probably because of the frustration of the songwriting and the fact that he would rather focus his attention on Hoax and that he was "over the Melvins thing" (???).  Hey, no hard feelings.  Love the crazy bastard.  Keenan and I were looking for refreshing though, and we didn't want to start from scratch and dumb-down the songs we worked so hard to put together so Tim left the band and we are currently reworking the line-up.  We've become involved with other projects since, but keenan and I plan to return to the band at some point with a different line up when we find the time.  This stuff is like sludgy Melvins with a hardcore influence.  Let me know what you guys think!  tell me that you hate it!


Don't know much about this band, but i got this album from Shiny Grey Monotone and its fuckin' siiiiick!  If your into 90s alternative/grungy stuff like TAD or Nirvana or Unwound or Helmet or Jesus Lizard, your gonna flip when you hear this and wonder why you haven't heard as much about them as the bands i just compared them to.  This shit is heavy pummeling.  The whole album is mad solid... Kod.

ALASKA IN WINTER - Space Eagle (The Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Ok... Some of you may think this album is a surprising post for me, but yea, i can get into electro-pop from time to time.  I like it ambient and spaced out.  Space Eagle is just that.  The third full-length from this solo project, there were only 100 copies of the album ever made and all were on cassette...  As i love cassettes, i think thats kinda cool.  Apparently there are an intro and outro that are only available on those cassettes.   Kind like that idea as well, but im bumbed i'll never hear them... then again its probably leaked anyway... fuck i might even have that version for all i know.  A kid i met at Umass, Patrick Ashline burned me the album.  We'd talk about black metal and the conversation would eventually lead to a rant on economics and the Cold War.  Patrick is a true Marxist/Leninist hehe.  ANYWAY, I fell in love with this album.  makes you feel good.  For hipsters only though.  get the fuck out if you aint got a mustache and hi-top Nikes son!  DANCE YOUR ASSES OFF!

BLACK CHALICE - Prayers For Our Lord and Saviour

Here is the solo death metal project of Patrick from the Attila The Hun blog ( - for a ridiculous array of metal bands!  Check it.  Also thanks to him for posting a ton of mine and Marv's music).  This is death the way i like it.  Raw, lo-fi, and a bit less technical, with a somber feel, Black Chalice has an inescapable black metal influence, in my opinion.  As Patrick has told me, it's hard for him to avoid the genre's influence on his music.  As I see it, kudos to that!  Boys and girls, here it is: 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

GORMANTATINUS - Sersavina Decan, Anden Plaust

And another Korean hell spawn!  I have two albums by this band.  Don't know much about them.  Both are black noise.  Scary, atmospheric vocal and guitar work with eerie background noises and a super lo-fi production leaves you feeling like you've lost your way in a thick, dark forest running from hungry wolves!!! im corny...  But trust son!  This shit is vile.

KVELL - Unholy Gate to The Darkabyss

More amazing Korean black metal.  Extremely harsh arsh and poorly produced (i mean poorly in the best way) Unholy Gate to The Darkabyss is just that, an unholy gate to a dark abyss!  This stuff reminds me of bands like Abigail or a dumbed-down Profanatica.  Check this out.   

More cold photos!

KALPA - The Path of The Eternal Years

I am going crazy on Korean black metal right now.  Here is on band, Kalpa, the oldest Korean b.m. band that i know of, having formed in Seoul in 1996.  pretty impressive.  This 4 song full-length album is from 2002.  It is reminiscent of the Norwegian brand of the genre, but it carries a level of harsh darkness that not many measure up to, in my opinion.  Also reminiscent of the of the Norwegian scene is the inclusion of ethnic and cultural music.  The last song on this album features a pan flute playing an eastern melody, perhaps reflecting Asian roots.  This album is raw and rips of face off with a nail-studded baseball bat while you fall into a freezing hell mother fuckers!!!  And look at the imagery!!!! (below)  Yes, typical, but COLD as the music itself!  love it.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Our buddy Marv just made this new blog about latino punk, metal, and hardcore.  The content doesn't end there.  There's latino visual art, news and documentary films posted.  Here it is:  Check it out, theres some great content on there!  thanks Marv!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

DARKTHRONE - Thulcandra Demo

Here is an early Darkthrone demo from 89.  More death metal than the 90s stuff.  but, DUUUHHH its awesome.   duuhhh...


You can get this promo CD at Feeding Tube Records 
on King Street in Northampton for $2.
It's a promo CD for its 10" vinyl release on Ominous Silence Records 
of Norther Ireland.  I am considering it the first full length Disguster album.
It may take a while, but 
Stuart and I are planning to get it out by the end of this summer. 
This promo is a slightly incomplete version of the finished product, but
you may still dig it.  Im holding off on 
putting it up for download until the vinyl is out
so Go out, get it!



The idea for this project occurred to me on the Casket tour of 2006.  Dan, after consuming substantial amounts of alcohol and marijuana would bust out into incredible freestyle flows that made fools heads spin.  It's a shame i did not have a tape recorder with us along the trip. But after the tour i vowed to make beats for Dan's spittin'.  There is a strict formula for these hip hop jams.  It is as follows:  (Dan Kozuch, a.k.a. DK Tip, [5 years ago] + mad blunts + a microphone) + (Nick Holtz, a.k.a. DJ 8-Ball [5 years ago] + mad bluntz + Fruity Loops + one 4 track cassette recorder) = RADIO FUCKING CAMERAS!  This is a 2 song single.  There are more to come.  In total i think we've already recorded about 7 songs, including these two.  Represent bitches.  Radio Cameras is goin platinum!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Speaking of bands that sound like Jesus Lizard, in light of the very last post (Young Widows)  Here's my most recent break-up.  I put this collection together of Low Character recordings, which include the demo from 2009, the song off of the Western Mass, Wild Wild West comp, one more unreleased song, and two practice recordings, without vocals, of two songs we never got to play live (I quit the band before we could).  Some songs have Tim on drums and some are with Jaybo.  Oh!  Almost forgot there is one other song which i recorded myself using a drum machine, and a guitar riff I wrote for the band never got used.  I actually sing fragments of lyrics from "synthesize," which is what the song later materialized into on that one.  I miss this band, but its tough to be in a band with some people.  -shruuuuuuugs-


LOVE THIS BAND!  Jesus Lizard on steroids.  The whole album is fucking incredible.  Band's from Louisville Kentucky.  I have yet to see them and im half a man until the day i do.

IRON HAND - Usurper Divine

Saw these guys a while ago at Dad City.  It was a great set, with no shortage of energy.  Everyone was into the band too.  The vibes were great.  This band is from a dude you may know, Brian Fernette.  He's recently moved from Connecticut to my beloved state.  I believe the rest of this band is from CT also.  This is some heavy, crusty shit.  Some of the riffs boarder on black metal harmonies, while the drums pummel you into the muddy ground like a war tank's caterpillar track.  Brian sings.  Its a great EP.  Thanks to Brian for sharing with us.  peace!

Friday, April 29, 2011


Ugoliants got a few shows coming up this month including one that's in the works now.  Check it out kids:

May 14th 
@ The Flywheel, 43 Main Street (In the Old Town Hall) Easthampton, MA 
$5 at the door

May 27th
@ Dad City, on 116 Amherst MA.  
 across from the furniture store right near Hampshire College.
HOST (not HOAX, my bad...)
+ one more band

June 10th
@ an undisclosed location.  (call me for details: 352-537-1060)
+ one more

yee son...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

UNGOLIANT - Demo 2011

Our demo is finished!  And we're quite proud of it i might add.  This is Ungoliant, my new band.  Keenan's on guitar, Girshwin's on bass, and Brian Larken's on Vocals and I'm playing drums.  This is some raw, lo-fi black metal with a hardcore punk edge.  The pic above isn't the cover of the demo.  Brian is still working on drawing one.  We'll be handing out some tapes of this demo this Sunday at our first show, which is as follows:

Sunday, 4/24/11
(call me, or Dan, or Tim for details)
& one more that i forget

Its a last-minute show because Hoax's last date for tour got canceled or something, so we've relocated with a different lineup.  Anyway heres our the demo son:

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I just recently hung out with Russ Fortin after not seeing him in what feels like a year or more.  It was good to see him.  I asked what he'd been doing musically and he told me about Kill-Tac 9, a 2 man thrash/prog band... Not sure if thats the best description genre-wise, but...  This shit is awesome!  It has a great sense of humor, as the picture above me suggest.  Im thinking of setting up a show sometime maybe June 10th with Kill-Tac 9, Ungoliant, Crumugeon, and some other act.  more details on that later.  anyway, here's the bands website, where you can hear their music and a music video:  

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Chico, of the Butts of Poop, has another crazy fucking album.  It's so funny how i rarely see this guy anymore and he just randomly e-mails me with full length albums with a shit load of material from fucking outer-space or i don't fucking know where.  Here are some more lo-fi acoustic songs with pots and pans percussion with lots of strange background noise and keys.  there are a few noise tracks as well.  Kinda psych-ish at times...  here and there...  "Diving Head First"  is a great example of this description.  But.... its so hard to tell you what the fuck this is actually hahah.  sometimes it sounds like a bad trip at age 9.  "Kablammo!"  is a good example of this.,  I DON'T KNOW!  But it is awesome.  thanks again for the e-mail Chico.

HONEYSUCK - Demo 2011

Rockin' their high-waisted jeans off, stompin' patriarchal protocol, blasting out your ear drums,  fuckin' up your program: Honeysuck!!!  New demo.  First demo.  Here's some punk rock.  

SANGRE Y TIERRA - Estrujándonos en El Mar (2011)

The newest release from Marv.  He gave this cd to me last Saturday when we both played solo sets at Meat Gum in Northampton.  This CD is a change, lyrically, from stuff in the past.  This time the lyrics are deep and personal, about a past relationship Marv once had, but what hasn't changed is that the lyrical content is still not typical of the genre, which i love.  The emotion of his music goes hand in hand with the story.  A lot of the music is pretty ambient/depressive and very somber.  It kinda reminds me of Leviathan or Xasthur.  Definitely has a US sound.  The opening track is a classical guitar number accompanied by synthy drones and creepy sounds.  There's also a noise track entitled, "Lúcido," which takes on a real digital/electronic, almost robotic sound.  Its a pretty diverse collection of songs and to top it all off the CD ends with a cover of Rudimentary Peni's song "Rotten To The Core!!!!!"  WTF!?  This has got to be my favorite Sangre shit along with his stuff off of the Sangre/Disguster split.  Marv is nutzzzz.  check it yo!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Here's another form the old man's cd collection.  I was probably the age of that snot-nose on the cover of this single when i first heard it.  My dad being into the Dead Milkmen is pretty random.  Its probably the only straight-up punk album in his about 500 cds.  This is my favorite shit by them.  might be because it is so nostalgic for me, but you gotta get this shite.  Tears came down my face when I saw Joe Jack Talcum at the Elevens play "Silly Dreams" on my request.  I then gave him a Low Character demo after his set, which he was quite confused about, and im sure he either hated it or didn't listen, but I love you anyway Joe Jack.  Oh Joe Jack...


This shit fuckin' rules.  Murph from Dinosaur Jr. plays drums on a few tracks of this compilation.  I'd say i actually like later Lemonheads better than the Tang years, but you can't knock Hate Your Friends.  I first heard this collection from my dad's cd collection.  thanks dad!

Friday, April 1, 2011

CARDIAC ARREST - Cadaverous Presence

Here's a totally different Cardiac Arrest, the horror death metal version.  The band started in 97.  This album came out in 2008.  They also put out an album last year.  Seems like these guys are going strong.  This album is kinda cool.  I haven't really listened to closely, but i wanted to post it seeing as they share the same name as the St. Louis hardcore band i've just posted below.  check it out.  tell me what you think.

CARDIAC ARREST - Life's a Dead End

If you like last rights on crack (ironic huh?) than dig dis shit.  St. Louis mo fuckers.  im sure this band is broken up.  This rules.  rock on it like a chump, heyyy like a chump heyyy like a chump heyyy...  (???)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


soooo i posted Black Sabbath's album, Sabotage a couple days ago and i just got an e-mail notifying me of copyright violations so the post was removed by blogger.  I hate capitalism.  =.(

anyway, get that album somewhere else!  Its incredible!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


In light of the recent news on Wrest's sexual assault on his girlfriend who is apparently also 16 years younger than him, with a tattoo gun, heres an album that is from my favorite project of his. This is THE darkest. most depressing black metal album i've ever heard.  Its beautifully sorrowful and drags you down with it, through a psychedelic holocaust.  Haha yes!  thats the best way i can describe it to you.  Hope the description leads you to be curious enough, if you haven't heard the album already to download this.  I could also say that if you are a fan of Neurosis you may dig this alot.  It gets super heavy at times with lots of ambient synthy drones.  The albums insane!  It makes you feel like you are lost in a black abyss.  It even has sung parts that sound so sick.  It's too bad that Wrest is a shit bag...  oh well.  =.(  Thank you Tim for this one.  

what a creep-o douche. 

Monday, March 28, 2011

DUSTER - Transmission Flux

Duster sounds like heroine.  Slow, soft, somber...  This 7" is incredible.  

GORGON - The Lady Rides A Black Horse

Who said chicks don't dig black metal?  Heres a French, female fronted black metal band from the early 90s!  SO COOL!  Aptly named, The Lady Rides A Black Horse, this is one of my favorite albums i've heard to date in the genre.  Unfortunately some of the bands later work is quite atrocious.  The best way i could describe it is electronic black metal pop punk... yes i know.  Anyway this one is fuckin ballsy and the vocals are tortured.  give it a listen, it will not disappoint.  

SWELL MAPS - Jane From Occupied Europe

Most of the stuff i've heard from this band sounds like your run-of-the-mill late 1970s English punk band on the cusp of new wave, but this album is crazily eclectic.  Its even got some crazy noise going on and there are no qualms with employing discordant arrangements or sloppiness.  This albums got so much character.  Its from 1980 and it always surprises me to think about that.  Dan Kozuch showed me this album 'bout a year ago and it made my head spin.  CHECK IT!  SWEEL MAPS!

Monday, March 21, 2011



OUTDATES!!!  The most original pop-punk, alt band around in my opinion.  who else sounds like Wipers, Meat Puppets, Hüsker Dü, and Modern Lovers all at the same time?  They're like a 90s, 70s band!  Awesome live shows too.  you know em.  you love em.  Heres a shit load of songs.  The complete Will Dandy sessions.  They've used a few of these tracks on a tape that you may have, but some have not been revealed and i got em all bitches.  Sorry, but i don't have a track list for these songs, but no big, right?  that bass player's a cutie, huh?  =)