Monday, February 20, 2012

UNGOLIANT - More Dread

So its finally finnished!  We just played a show in Albany yesterday and released the second demo for the first time.  Bryan did an awesome job on the cover art.  It was a long time in the making, this one.  Finally we reached a sound that we were psyched on.  This is epic and raw at the same time.  Hope you guys like it!  By the way, here is out Metal Archives page if you'd like to check it out:

Thursday, January 19, 2012

HACKLES - The Boys

Hackles, "The Boys."  The title lets you know from the get-go, that we got Hackle's back!  But they bess done watch they fronts, cause its the people that front, they be pullin' stunts...  Ya know?  Anyhow, This is the new hackles EP.  It seems to be a tape release, judging from the image Joel gave me.  It is yet another brick-shit-house of an EP.  Andrew smashes the skins with a fury and vengeance unsurpassed in all of music.  You got Conner "Sarge Jeff" Kelly playing guitar with his red, hairy eggs, Joel's losing his pick, Aurelio is lighting a cigarette and playing occasionally like a madman with a rubbery wrist, and you got Dave K, the man, himself who rouses "The Boys," with such blood and anger that he frightens all living beings back to their mother's wombs!  I mean, look at the fucking front cover!  Get out of his way or else he might try to finger you through your jeans really, really hard and with a disregard for all common manners.  Also, just gotta say, it couldn't properly be called The Boys without including pebbles (joel's dog on the insert).  Even though she is a bitch, shes more like one of The Boys.  Anyway, check this out if you reeeaaally wanna know wuss goohh!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


"I've played guitar solos infront of alot of people, but its never been fast paced life in the fast lane action rock live tonight."


"Off stop.  I hate it when you have left arms."

-Pete Harasymiw
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

"Kill the people in the streets of Britain.  Kill their families for the punks and skins!"

-Dan Kozuch
I forget when he said this.  

Friday, January 6, 2012


Here's the first post I've done since September!  So this is my newest band.  Andrew got the name from the last name of the current reigning Pope Fuhrer.  This is a four song demo tape we recorded 100% live at the Row House.  I did the art for the insert.  It is supposed to be the Vatican Museum with fighter jets above it.  It will be available for $3 once we play our first show.  Or you could ask me for one early if you dig it and want a hard copy.  It comes with Dan's lyric sheet.  They are quite bizarre and entertaining. The line up is as follows: Dan Kozuch on vocals, Andrew McCarthy on drums, Rob Flager (punk name ;] ) on bass, and myself on guitar.  It's the first time i've played guitar in an actual band and its a lot of fun so far.  We talk about what Ratzinger sounds like and we usually use the names, Hellhammer, Bad Brains, Rudimentary Peni, Discharge, to describe how we sound... Whatever, maybe that will give you an idea of what this sounds like.  Just download it.  You'll want to break stuff.  

Thursday, September 29, 2011


I LOVE THESE GIRLS!  I LOVE THIS BAND!  Ally of Outdates and Honey Suck started a new band with a new group of people, two of which (phoebe and abbie) are new to being in a band and even playing their instruments, guitar that is.  I was thoroughly impressed by their musicianship and their chemistry and how tight the band is.  I recorded this demo for them and it was a blast and it has turned out to be my greatest production yet, not to mention Potty Mouth is one of the best bands i've recorded, in my opinion.  Being one of the very few all girl bands in the area, Potty Mouth is also one of the most unique bands of the area period, male or female.  If you like the Pixies, or Sonic Youth, this mmmay blow you away...  (oh by the way this isn't the demo art.  They are currently working on art for CDs and tapes.  your gonna want to pick one up.)

Friday, September 16, 2011

INTERVIEW - Joel Barnes of HACKLES (plus demo)

Hackles is probably the newest addition to the Western Mass scene.  A hard-hitting, drunken mess, Hackles has already developed a live reputation of slippery chaos and violent drunkenness.  The band has a pretty classic sound.  Its fast, its loud, its pissed off.

All of the dudes are close friends of mine, so i asked Joel if i could do an interview about Hackles with him and he agreed, so here is my first local interview (many more to come).  Its not much of an interview, due to Joel's apparent lack of motivation, but in so doing, I believe it sums up the attitude of the entire band.  Their demo is available right below the interview.  enjoy!

This is Joel Barnes, but not Joel Barnes of Hackles.This was ust the first pic
 that came up when i searched his name on google.  pretty cool huh?

NICK:  So, how did the 4 of you (you, Andrew, Dave, and Aurelio) come to decide to form Hackles? How long ago was that?

JOEL:  Andrew and I were jamming some tunes or something. Asked Aurelio if he wanted to, he did. I think the three of us played a couple of times and then figured we needed the most sexual man in the world to front this shit. Dave. I think maybe April or so.

NICK:  Tell me what a typical Hackles practice is like. What goes on?
There are roomers of heavy drinking taking place every Sunday. How
productive are you?

JOEL:  We practice getting drunk and then sometimes play songs. A typical afternoon usally consists of a couple of bottles of Schnapps and plenty of dick/scrotum. I ate a hot dog out of Daves asshole one time. We usally get things done.
NICK:  What are some of your main influences within the band's songwriting?

JOEL:  Schnapps/dicks/balls

NICK:  any MUSICAL influences at all?JOEL:  Not really.

NICK:   How do you guys write songs? whats the typical process?

JOEL:  I usally come up with some shit and show it to Andrew. I don't know what the rest of the dudes do. Andrew comes up with some shit too, you can tell which ones he wrote cause theyre actually good.

NICK:  The few live Hackles sets that have taken place recently, have
seemed to muster up a reputation among audiences. What do you think
that reputation is? Do you like it?

JOEL:  Mothers beware, do you know where your children are? Hopefully not with us.

NICK:  I saw you guys play a tiny little show at your house one
Sunday with your new addition to the Hackles lineup and i thought it
was rad. how do you and others in the band feel about the new member?
What's the chemistry like between the 4 of you and Connor Kelly? How
has the songwriting process changed since his addition? is it too
early to say?

JOEL:  It's awesome, I can drink and smoke more while playing.

NICK:  Why in the world would you cover a Blackbelt Club song?

JOEL:  Schnapps.

NICK:  What do you think the future looks like for Hackles? Will you
guys ever go on a weekend tour with Ungoliant this winter?

JOEL:  That'd be rad.

NICK:  Are you guys planning on making tapes or cds of your demos for
people? (You should be prepared to after this post)

JOEL:  Probably.

NICK:  How was the demo recorded?

JOEL:  With stuff in a basement.

NICK:  you guys planning on recording another demo soon, with the new
batch of songs you have churned out?

JOEL:  Most definitly. Intrested in doing it?

Here's the demo:

Thursday, September 8, 2011

OTRO MUNDO - Jellied

I normally don't like to post things from random people i don't know, but i got an e-mail from a guy in this band asking me to listen to their demo and to put it up on my blog if i liked it.  Well i did like it, a lot.
This shit is super 90s.  Think Hüsker Dü and My Bloody Valentine with a touch of psychedelia.  Good Stuff.  Here's Tempe Arizona's, Otro Mundo.