Saturday, June 18, 2011

FACE OFF - Right to Thrash

In the spirit of Agawam Massachusetts, Heres Face Off!!!  A 2005 release.  whoa memories of dicks and balls flood my brain...


Heres another Agawonian. (next to Chico, Kevin, and Thrasher)  Three songs for ya.  He sent them to me on Aim a few years ago.  Kid's Nasty!  The first song is pretty much the first Yack Snot song ever recorded if you ask me.  The next two are nintendo game-boy inspired.  Overall, im sure they were all largely influenced by Skateboarding, as the last song, "Skateboard Crusin" may indicate.  Don't think he'd care that im posting these songs.  They are being posted without permission...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

GNAW THEIR TONGUES -...Spasming and Howling, Bowels Loosening and Bladders Empyting, Vomiting Helplessly...

Oh my fucking god... This album is insane, with no shortage of sacrilege!  It will make you uncomfortable and feeling dirty.  this is a solo, self-released album from a band from the Netherlands, "Gnaw Their Tongues" from 2007.  The instrumentation is drum machine, buzzed-out guitar, sounds like there is some bass, and frequent use of grim, dogmatic sound bites.  There are even tribal parts with bongos and singing.  ITS NUTS! The production lo-fi and maxed out.  It's certainly a black metal album, but I hear a ton of influence from other places.  I hear Swans at times, Neurosis, early era Boris, and Leviathan and even Nargaroth!  Haha whatever.  First heard about the band from Stuart Graham of Ominous Silence Records out of  Northern Ireland.  He is working on a release with the band, due to be released in the near future.  Heres what the record will look like:  
Here is the link to Ominous Silence:
Stuart and I have been discussing putting out a 10" vinyl Disguster album,"Ferocious Hell Blizzard," likely to come out in late September at this point.  

Anyway, keep your eyes pealed for this release on Ominous Silence if you dig this album.  Its as fucked up as it's name!  Do iiiiit...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Andrew McCarthy and Senator John Edwards????!!!!!

I know what your up to Andrew.


Formerly known as Deceivers, this is the band's first release as Psychic Blood, Leaves.  I recorded this on cassette some time ago and Jason's finally ready to let you all hear it.  It was a fun recording session.   All the music was done live first take, but honestly my favorite part of recording this band was doing the vocal overdubs.  Watching Jason OOOH and AAAH without hearing any music was pricelessly funny hehe.  This stuff is slightly different from the Deceivers releases.  It sounds like Sonic Youth, Wipers, and Bleach-era Nirvana had a very healthy 3-way baby.  Its a bit darker than before.  Download this.  Also, congratulations to these guys for getting their summer tour with Outdates together!  Have fun guys!


MAD WORLD - Hardcore (on tour from rva)
DRY SPELL - also on tour from rva
VELD - Black noise (memer of Veloz, Host, WEEDBLADE!)
UNGOLIANT - My band with Keenan, Girshwin, and B. Larken (1st wave BM)

June 12th @ Dad City 
Amherst MA (right on 116 near Hampshire college.)
$5 for the touring bands


I would like to share with you a band of mine, which has yet to leave the ground.  Cramp Class was originally myself on bass, Keenan also on bass, Tim on drums, and DK on vocals.  We practiced for a few months and eventually recorded a 3 song demo.   It was a difficult and challenging band to be in.  We really pushed ourselves to the best of our technical and songwriting abilities.  But, not long after the demo, Tim became disenchanted with the band.  Probably because of the frustration of the songwriting and the fact that he would rather focus his attention on Hoax and that he was "over the Melvins thing" (???).  Hey, no hard feelings.  Love the crazy bastard.  Keenan and I were looking for refreshing though, and we didn't want to start from scratch and dumb-down the songs we worked so hard to put together so Tim left the band and we are currently reworking the line-up.  We've become involved with other projects since, but keenan and I plan to return to the band at some point with a different line up when we find the time.  This stuff is like sludgy Melvins with a hardcore influence.  Let me know what you guys think!  tell me that you hate it!


Don't know much about this band, but i got this album from Shiny Grey Monotone and its fuckin' siiiiick!  If your into 90s alternative/grungy stuff like TAD or Nirvana or Unwound or Helmet or Jesus Lizard, your gonna flip when you hear this and wonder why you haven't heard as much about them as the bands i just compared them to.  This shit is heavy pummeling.  The whole album is mad solid... Kod.

ALASKA IN WINTER - Space Eagle (The Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Ok... Some of you may think this album is a surprising post for me, but yea, i can get into electro-pop from time to time.  I like it ambient and spaced out.  Space Eagle is just that.  The third full-length from this solo project, there were only 100 copies of the album ever made and all were on cassette...  As i love cassettes, i think thats kinda cool.  Apparently there are an intro and outro that are only available on those cassettes.   Kind like that idea as well, but im bumbed i'll never hear them... then again its probably leaked anyway... fuck i might even have that version for all i know.  A kid i met at Umass, Patrick Ashline burned me the album.  We'd talk about black metal and the conversation would eventually lead to a rant on economics and the Cold War.  Patrick is a true Marxist/Leninist hehe.  ANYWAY, I fell in love with this album.  makes you feel good.  For hipsters only though.  get the fuck out if you aint got a mustache and hi-top Nikes son!  DANCE YOUR ASSES OFF!

BLACK CHALICE - Prayers For Our Lord and Saviour

Here is the solo death metal project of Patrick from the Attila The Hun blog ( - for a ridiculous array of metal bands!  Check it.  Also thanks to him for posting a ton of mine and Marv's music).  This is death the way i like it.  Raw, lo-fi, and a bit less technical, with a somber feel, Black Chalice has an inescapable black metal influence, in my opinion.  As Patrick has told me, it's hard for him to avoid the genre's influence on his music.  As I see it, kudos to that!  Boys and girls, here it is: 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

GORMANTATINUS - Sersavina Decan, Anden Plaust

And another Korean hell spawn!  I have two albums by this band.  Don't know much about them.  Both are black noise.  Scary, atmospheric vocal and guitar work with eerie background noises and a super lo-fi production leaves you feeling like you've lost your way in a thick, dark forest running from hungry wolves!!! im corny...  But trust son!  This shit is vile.

KVELL - Unholy Gate to The Darkabyss

More amazing Korean black metal.  Extremely harsh arsh and poorly produced (i mean poorly in the best way) Unholy Gate to The Darkabyss is just that, an unholy gate to a dark abyss!  This stuff reminds me of bands like Abigail or a dumbed-down Profanatica.  Check this out.   

More cold photos!

KALPA - The Path of The Eternal Years

I am going crazy on Korean black metal right now.  Here is on band, Kalpa, the oldest Korean b.m. band that i know of, having formed in Seoul in 1996.  pretty impressive.  This 4 song full-length album is from 2002.  It is reminiscent of the Norwegian brand of the genre, but it carries a level of harsh darkness that not many measure up to, in my opinion.  Also reminiscent of the of the Norwegian scene is the inclusion of ethnic and cultural music.  The last song on this album features a pan flute playing an eastern melody, perhaps reflecting Asian roots.  This album is raw and rips of face off with a nail-studded baseball bat while you fall into a freezing hell mother fuckers!!!  And look at the imagery!!!! (below)  Yes, typical, but COLD as the music itself!  love it.