Sunday, February 27, 2011



I must address one of the biggest disappointments at a show i'd ever had the misfortune to experience.  End Of A Year has played shows with me and my friends many times.  We've given them places to stay and food to eat when they were on tour on a few occasions.  We like the guys.  Aside from the undertones of pretentious attitudes among certain members, they've always been thankful and nice to us. 

But last night they broke my heart.  It was a free show at Trinity College in Hartford, CT With Pissed Jeans.  They were advertised to be playing the show and beside Pissed Jeans they were the one other band i was equally as pumped to see, yet they pulled a little stunt.  Their set was actually played by people who had all at one point been in the band, weather it was to fill in for a tour or perhaps a recording, im not too sure.  But there was no Patrick or Hans or Doody, or that insane drummer to be found.  After these mystery people set up we all heard Patrick's voice (the singer) speaking back at us through the monitors telling everyone that the real band was in Hawaii recording an album and that this was the band we'd have to see instead.  What???  

I knew he had some "clandestine" point to make or a "lesson," if you will to, "teach" all of us.  He explained that the band feels no obligation whatsoever to please their fans, i.e. bumming everyone out by misleadingly claiming to be playing a show.  Granted, it was a free show, perhaps the best time to pull a lame stunt like this, if there ever was, but still...  Messin' with my emotions man!  I can respect the idea that the band operates completely independently of their fans.  At the band's status, that is commendable.  But did we all need to be bummed out just so that they could prove a point about this to us?  He used the word "respect" when referring to the fact that none of us should care that it would be a totally different band playing their songs and not them...  Im so glad that Patrick STILL got a chance to let us all know how much he doesn't like, or appreciate us, as in the fans.  Great...

I've hung out with the guys on a few occasions.  They've played with Dangur, Dan set up shows in Florence, they stayed at my dorm room...  This whole thing is totally indicative of the convicted expression of Patrick's attitude towards people that like and appreciate his band.  I was always in opposition to his views on this and this whole stunt just brought it to another level.  Im not attempting to discredit him or the rest of the band here.  They wanted people like me to feel this way, yea, yea, i get it. It just seems to me that the band went so out of their way just to prove some pretentious point that they don't give a fuck, but can't they do this less publicly, and pretentiously???  Do we really have to hear another preachy rant (beside the fact that Patrick is quite the comedian) about how he feels about music and his opinions and gripes with this and that?  Who cares what you think?  Fucking, let the music speak for you.  If someone gives a fuck what you have to say they'll look into it.  I feel like I wouldn't give a fuck enough to address my own opinion of my band and people who liked it in front of an entire crowd who wished to see me play.  Id say thats a little more like really not giving a fuck.  Seems a sort of cop-out to me.  It was unnecessary, and guys... Your ass holes.  =(  

I doubt they'd ever get to read this, but i'd love it if they did.  Im actually thinking about e-mailing Patrick about it.  None of what i've expressed has any personal implication.  It really is nothing personal.  I like the guys and this bullshit would never change how much their music means to me, but fuck, that was annoying.  But i get it.  Thats what they wanted.  I just think that it was a dick move to go out of your way and disappoint people who you know respect and look up to you, just to show how "transcendent" and so much more "intelligent" you think you are than your silly fans.  I laughed when i heard Patrick say something along the lines of 'show me respect...'  Pretty ironic.  Yes, yes we know: you "understand that europeans are sexual people."  Blah blah.  BOOOOO!  Never thought i'd be saying this about this band, but thumbs way down.

I dunno what do you guys think??? 

p.s. - Without people like me, there would be nothing for you to bitch about, which I know you love to do.  I feel like the band should appreciate the fact that people out there feel the way I do.  Think about it.  You don't give a fuck what we think, and i don't give a fuck what you think, End of a Year.  Just keep making amazing music.  don't stop to be spiteful.  I just don't care what your opinions are because they're totally elitist. 


LAUGH & LIE DOWN - Scar Clan (demo)

Here is the very first musical project of my good friends Sam Chaplin and Haley Mills.  Two cute-as-a-button Smith graduates whom some of you may have seen around at shows or may already know.  Sam lives with my girlfriend and i was over the one day Haley and Sam were recording and all i would here were loud, heavy pants and moans coming from Sam's room and i wondered what the hell was going on in there...  This demo explains.  This is some very unique, racy, provocative, sexy, and pretty sounding noise music that I was really surprised by.  I LOVE IT!

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Don't really know anything about this band other than the fact that they're from California and that this demo is soooooo good.

TORPEDO - Parisian Butt Mother

If any of you Know Ted Pratt, this is one of his bands.  I think he plays bass and does backing vocals on this recording.  You might know that kid Lee Taylor, he recorded this.  This isn't the whole album.  There's actually 16 tracks, but i seem to have lost all but 4 tracks.  They happen to be the best on the album if you ask me.  Heres some sick, sloppy, dirty, rock n' rolly punk.  One song sounds like the Iggy and the Stooges with kind of a T-Rex residue all over it.  Its cool.  

CRYSTALLINE ROSES - Ripples in The Upside-down Lake of The Void

Here's The first (I think) Crystalline Roses release.  And what an awesome title!  I saw Tony walking through Northampton a couple of years ago and ran into him at Mimo's.  He'd been living right down the road at that point and invited the rest of my friends and I to his apartment so that he could give us this along with the Glue Bag tape (which is unbelievable, b.t.w.).  Didn't really know Tony too well back then, but this is when i realized i wanted to be his pal.  Download this folky/psych/grass monstrosity.


This was an old band of the infamous Krak brothers, Nate Wilson, of Monster X and Gloom records, and Doodey of End of a Year and then later got a new guitarist to replace Nate when he moved.  It was formed in the early 2000's in Albany, New York.  Lasted about a year i think???  These guys kicked so much ass.  The use of the wa pedal on these recordings is so perfect.  It really makes this demo stand out as far as hardcore goes.  J Krak's lyrics are awesome (included in the pic above).  One of the most memorable shows with these guys was probably the first time i saw them.  They opened up with a slow, ominous, swelling intro.  Meanwhile J Krak wanders through the crown slowly and looking fuckin meeeeaan.  Finally it kicked in and the band exploded with pure energy.  SO FUCKIN' GOOD.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Im not jokin motha fucka.  i won see dat sprinkle in yauh shit stinkler.  ssssss oooo yea boy bout to show your mother what real peanuts is.  god damn son of a bitch runs around all night with his thumb up his ass....(long gasp of air, farts, a burp, scratches ass, picks noise, snorts, farts again) LIKE A GOD DAMN CHINGLE BERRY SON OF A  SHHYYYYYYIIIT.  FUCK ALL Ya.

PRO MUMBLER - Public Bathroom Poetry

Heres Dylan, of One Happy King's first solo album back when he had first taught himself how to play the banjo when he got one as a Christmas gift.  The kid just has a musical mind.  This is some awesome folky shit with a zany twist.  I have two more albums that you should keep a look out for later.  they'll make their way up here also.  They just get better so if you like this you'll be so psyched once i put the others up.  DIG IT.


Yes.  Far overlooked, this band is, in my opinion, one of the greatest hardcore acts to come out of Western Mass in the new millennium.  Me and the boys would always make it a point to see Sick and Tired and watch Zach take out all of his weekly frustrations out on a microphone.  The most unsuspecting of people to be glaring back at you like he'd suck your blood.  I mean the guy looks like he'd be your camp counselor or something.  LOOK AT THAT BUTTON UP!  Kuhld.  Not to mention the absolute intensity of the rest of the band.  They've had a number of line-up changes over the years including some guys from bands like Libyans, Low Character, Waste Management, Bare Bones, Shoot to Kill, Foreign Objects...  PSHYUH!  This collection of songs, which im not sure what it actually is because they've all just been collected onto my i-tunes for years, ironically (due to the picture) features their first singer (i believe) accept for one song, which Zach is on (Weak Willed).  They're broken up now, for the most part and I miss them.  I actually have an entire full length (which slays, and features Zach on vocals) that hasn't been released that i'd have to ask before i put up.  but it might end up on here sometime in the near future.  This is some dark, angry fuckin hardcore, reminiscent of Poison Idea.  LOOK OUT!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So here's the Dangur full length, or at least the closest thing we ever had to one.  We were about to go on tour two summers ago and all we had for merch were the vinyl singles we'd put out so i knew we'd need something else to make a little gas/munchies/diaper (for pete) money so i collected a bunch of random practice recordings (i'd pretty much throw the 4-track on at every practice) and burned em to CDR, with a crappy printed insert and sold em for a buck.  A few of the songs on this, like the first one are simply improvised.  I think this is the coolest collection we have.  Oh the cover is a shot of pete at a show fighting to unwind himself from a mic chord.  WHAT A DOUCHE!  Here's some devil rock from the paper city bitches!  Check it out Girsh!

Monday, February 14, 2011

BEN FOLDS FIVE - Whatever And Ever Amen

I was talking about this album with Girshwin.  Give it a chance.  Its fucking awesome!  I used to play with legos to this album.


This and Transilvanian Hunger were the very first black metal albums i'd ever fully listened to.  This split turned me on instantly.  Horna's side appealed to me initially because of the production and how intense it is.  It reminded me of a hardcore recording from the early 80s.  It's dry and blown out, but still plenty of atmosphere.  really cool.  Behexin's side is much more atmospheric and sort of symphonic.  Also very cool.  I would like to share:


A neighbor of the Thundermill after a long 
summer day of tillin' the tomatoe garden.

...Better have those pants off boooy by the time i get back booyy... You go right to the garage!!!...  Me, Dan, and Dylan expand our psyche with a Telefunken in my parents' basement; a devotional work to our good friend Marv.

SQRM - Rodeo

I just had to put this up because if you haven't heard it already you NEED to... RIGHT NOW!  "Jesus was a phony!".

NACHZEHRER - Black Thrash Ritual (Demo)

Disguster (Me) and Sange y Tierra (Marv) just played our first solo sets at the flywheel with this band.  It was a really good set.  Just realized the drummer was/is in that band 26 Beers.  I saw them a long time ago so thats probably why i didn't recognize him.  But anyway, i got it from the singer.  I really like it.  Straight-forward black metal from Boston MA with agonizing vocals.  good shit right here.

CASKET - 7" 2006 (Unreleased)

This is Dan and Brett (of One Happy King), Dave, and Gorge's old HC band from way back in 2006.  The band lasted only a little more than a whole summer and toured once for a week.  I tagged along and it was the best time of my life.  This was the cover art that was intended for a 7" that never saw the light of day.  It was made by Joe (singer of Three Fifteen).  George then went on to start the band Revenge some years later and decided to recycle the cover art and use it for that band.  Casket comes out on top though i will say with conviction.  Dan's lyrics are unique, personal, dark, and deep.  He'd probably show you if your interested.  The band was so good live.  You'll enjoy this if you like Modern Life is War or probably most mid-tempo, heavy, contemporary hardcore.  oh yea i added one song from their first demo onto this 7" collection.  sweeeeet.


Keenan and I were still in our early years of high school when we decided to go on a prank calling spree to 1-800-flowers and record it for our friends to hear.  They are legendary!  Keenan is a pranking master-mind and i suggest you download this if you want a good laugh.  The very last prank continued after the tape recorder was stopped and the guy on the other line told us he was coming to our home because he had our address and he was going to rape us.  we were scared shitless and shut all the lights off in the house and creeped around until the wee hours of the morning.  yea we're dorks.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

BORIS - Amplifier Worship

BORIS!!!  One of their many, many masterpieces.  

BAD BRAINS - Black Dots

First Bad Brains album.  It blows my mind that this album came out in 1979

DANGUR - Live @ The Florence VFW

This is a live set of one of my old bands, Dangur.  This show happened two years ago.  I'm sure glad Dan brought his micro-tape recorder with him.  He pressed record and left it by the pa speaker.  That night we had a very special opening, which included brass instruments and lots of beer.  In the heat of the set we decided to deviate from the predetermined set list and play one of our songs 5 times throughout.  That might have happened as a result of the beer.  FUCK!  I miss the Florence VFW.  I miss Dangur.  This recording is just as funny as the pictures.

BATHORY - The Return

Fisrt wave Swedish black metal originators.  I love this album cause its so sloppy and raw.  Its just so disorderly its scary!

BEHERIT - Drawing Down the Moon

This is for you Tony!  HEAVEY, HEAVEY, Finnish black metal from 93, bitch.

VUCUB CANE - Eternal Hatred of the Human Race

Tony, Tony, Tony... This is probably my favorite of all the releases by his solo black metal project, Vucub Cane.  Its fucking NECRO for sure.  I've seen this release on a few blogs and every comment i read regarding it made me really irritated.  I hadn't seen anything mentioning how fucking awesome the music is, or even weather someone thought it was good or bad.  Nope.  Only snide, unrelated, presumptuous comments about the maker, that eventually snowballed into cat fights between blog sharks, thus bringing the topic of conversation somewhere that had nothing to do with Tony's music.  FUCK YOU GUYS!  This shit is cold!

THE POOPY BUTTS - 10,000 Wipes

The Poopy Butts are a politically driven group of left wing, progressive, ecological activists looking for social and environmental justice.  There message is often misunderstood.  Some just don't have the level of intelligence to understand that the name is really an artistic metaphor. This album is a prolific milestone in our generation's fight for the little furry things and if you don't download this album then who will?  It's time to look for new sustainable ways to take a fat, hot, dump.  Remember, save a tree; take a 'poop shower.'

Spazz got nothin' on the Butts.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

TAD - 8 Way Santa

Cool 90s Seattle band.  This albums fuckin' sweet.  It sounds, to me, to sum up the sound in a simply way.  Apparently a favorite of Krist Novaselich's... is that how you spell that???

KAVRA - Absurdo

Heres some awesome solo lo-fi black metal from Mexico. Been talking with this guy about a collaboration of some kind with Disguster.  He's a sick drummer.  KAVRA!


Fore fans of The Stooges!  And fuck you if you don't like The Stooges!

This band lasted one magical summer.  We only played 4 shows.  I sang for the first time, Dan (of One Happy King) played bass for the first time, Brett (also of One Happy King) played guitar and Pete recorded the first two songs with us then his drum kit got basically stolen and Emil (of Yack Snot) actually had a kit so we got him to play.  This picture is from one of the three shows.  It was at my house party.  It was chaos, as the pic suggests.  One other show we had was a 4th of july show out in farmland massachusetts at some house.  the show was in the garage.  we didn't know anyone there.  we got nice and buzzed before going on, dressed in the most patriotic colors and ribbons sparkles, confetti and bows because we are true patriots.  Once our set began things started to deteriorate.  The boyfriend of the girl who's parents owned the house decided to play bodyguard and reprimand the people watching who wanted to pogo and rock out.  And Tim had lit off a firecracker or something in the garage so he ended up in an altercation with this mouthbreather and i had tried to break it up and in the process got knock out cold by Tim's fist in the confusion.  We were kicked out before finishing all of our set.  It was so worth it.  Then we got more drunk.

oh... i guess most of that story was wrong haha

Dan said...

CLARIFICATION: Tim didn't light off any fireworks, the punching didn't happen during our set, it happened after our set. but, tim did allegedly push a mom and he may or may not have punched and dented a car. he also jumped out of the car on the ride home and smash his head on a stop sign



Not sure what number demo this is, but i think its the first.  Girshwin, Jason, and Eric are hard-jammin' on some 90s shit for real.  Check it out!  Also Deceivers and I have almost finished the recordings for their next demo so be on the look out for that.  Here ya go:

DOOLEYCAT - Live @ The Elevens

Dooleycat, Dooleycat, Dooleycat...  A long awaited arrival for Chris Dooley, himself.  I had kept forgetting to turn this recording into an mp3 to give to him, but now its right here.  Heres the premise: at one point Fishercat had a scheduled weekday show at The Elevens in Northampton, but just as expected Chris Lund (singer of Fishercat) opted out and didn't even show up.  Chris Dooley suggested that instead we all play the set ourselves, Fishercat, minus Lund, plus me and Dooley and Marv, and... wow i can't remember who else, but there were like six or seven of us using whatever we could find to make a sound; trombones, drums, amps, keyboards, screaming babies...  It was a kind of symphony of diarrhea.  There were only about 8 or 9 more people at the show watching the set way in the back at the bar.  I loved the fact that i thought everyone hated what was happening, but if you listen to the end of the set you'll hear all those 9 people clapping intently... i was confused.  That grumpy sound guy came up to me with an exuberant compliment.  I wonder weather they thought we had really thought this crap out like some sort of artsy pit stinkers, with high wasted jeans and flight goggle glasses...  Don't get me wrong I was happy either way.  This was fun and hilarious as it should have been.  "Every time i take a piss, I pull my pants down all the way!"

RHEUMATICS - Kids Aren't Sorry

This is our golden boy, Jason Vachula's (of Deceivers) old band.  Saw them when they played with my old band Dangur about 2 years ago or something like that and i was so into it.  If you like the Wipers, and Mission of Burma dig on this shit. word.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Allie Justice's new band.  check it out guys.

DARKTHRONE - Panzerfaust

My favorite Darkthrone album and one of my favorite bands! To think that i once scoffed at Tim's attempt to get me into black metal to now being 100% addicted to the genre makes me laugh.  THANK YOU TIM FOR BEING PERSISTENT!  It made no sense not for it to appeal to me as i've discovered.  If you think black metal sucks, just listen!

MUDLARK - Jam Demo

It's too bas Mudlark broke up.  It was a sad thing to hear.  This bad has completely blown me away numerous times live and when Tony joined the band there was a whole other dimension to be in awe about.  One show in particular, was one last year at a dorm at Smith College.  The set was so amazing i couldn't control the yelps of joy coming from my throat as a result of complete shock every time Jaybo would tastefully accent a hit that would rupture your ear drums even with ear plugs like Keith Moon or something.  Im grateful to have had the chance to play in a band with him for a while.  quite an honor.  This is an improvised jam recording, which the band released as a demo.  It's really cool.

BRUJERIA - Mantado Güeros

Aurelio, AKA Sqwoosh, was drunkenly raving about this Mexican band the other night at a show.  He was psyched on the lyrical aspects of drug smuggling and satanism.  He also claimed they were really serious about "Gringo-killing," claiming that they were legit about this shit.  However, a quote from Metal-Archives claims that: "The band was formed in 1989 by Juan Brujo, Fantasma, Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys) and Dino "El Asesino" Cazares (who formed Fear Factory around the same time); then other members joined."  JELO BIAFRA, a white, far-left winged dude, so i doubt the seriousness of the lyrical content.  But then again who knows if thats even true.  I just thought this was funny seeing how excited he was about the whole thing.  sorry to burst your bubble Sqwershy.  Either way he is a good judge of mexican grind/death metal and i enjoyed this brutal album and look at that cover!  ¡ÉCHALE UN VISTAZO PUTAS!

FEAR STREET - Experimentations

Heres a solo project from a good old buddy, whom i sadly have not seen in a while.  The project is named after the R.L. Stein (Goosebumps for all you neglected children) book series.  This is quite indicative of Matt Pacheco's style.  He love children...  As the singer of The Poopy Butts you can guess that these tracks come with no lack of a sense of humor.  I love this stuff.  Some Lo-Fi, acoustic love songs, which remind me of Lou Barlow and such.  Thanks for the e-mail Chico!  do it!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


The first time i jammed with Marv it was with Tim back in 2007... I think.  It was one of the first times we even hung out together. We didn't really know why this is what came out.  We liked it so i released a d.i.y. tape of our 4-track recordings and gave em to a few friends and this was the cover art.  And now its available to anyone who's curious.  100% improvised, post rock/doom.  Me on bass, Tim on drums, Marv on guitar.


Keenan and I had an itch to play some blues.  I hopped behind a drum kit and Keenan did what he does best and we wung it. Theres even a Robin Trower cover in there, "Bridge of Sighs." There's also a Hendrix cover, or at least something close to it hehe.  neither of them have vocals, but...  I got so excited i photoshopped this image of keenan at a live Nitrofox set to accompany a demo that never saw the light of day, UNTIL NOW!

THIS FRIDAY (Feb 11th)

First all black metal show at the flywheel!  My first live solo set.
Doors @ 8:00
43 Main St. Easthampton MA

MCFEELYS - Dan Goes To College

No introduction necessary, but i will say that this was the gayest band on the face of the earth back in 2006.


Jaybo showed me this album out in Buckland  Manor one crazy, drunken night.  I couldn't believe what i was hearing.  I think this is what early Pink Floyd wished they were doing. I've read that this came out around 1966 and if so, given my limited historical knowledge, I'd guess that this was way ahead of it's time.  Just... What the fuck.  Smoke a pound of bud and listen to this record in the dark with florescent lights!

ONE HAPPY KING - Demo 1, 2010

This band is something else.  Everyone in it is coming at it from a different angle and two of them have totally stepped out of their comfort zones and into instruments that they've never played before.  The result is, as has been said, a magical, sparkly wave of indie rock.  People compare them to bands like Pavement and Duster.  I've said that they sound like a sloppy, drunken Braid, but I think its hard to pin a label on this 100% collaborative and original band from Holyoke MA.


This is five songs of sexual blast-fuck.  Its is a new solo project from one of my best buddies, Dan Kozuch of One Happy King.   He just finished these recordings.  You might know the little prick and if you actually do, it makes this stuff that much better, but if you don't the keyboard should be enough to sell you on it.  This fucking project is named after a ridiculous, wooly trench coat he bought at savers... wow.  Here it is: FIELDMASTER.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Im new to this... I'll figure it out soon enough.  Tits...