Monday, May 23, 2011

Our buddy Marv just made this new blog about latino punk, metal, and hardcore.  The content doesn't end there.  There's latino visual art, news and documentary films posted.  Here it is:  Check it out, theres some great content on there!  thanks Marv!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

DARKTHRONE - Thulcandra Demo

Here is an early Darkthrone demo from 89.  More death metal than the 90s stuff.  but, DUUUHHH its awesome.   duuhhh...


You can get this promo CD at Feeding Tube Records 
on King Street in Northampton for $2.
It's a promo CD for its 10" vinyl release on Ominous Silence Records 
of Norther Ireland.  I am considering it the first full length Disguster album.
It may take a while, but 
Stuart and I are planning to get it out by the end of this summer. 
This promo is a slightly incomplete version of the finished product, but
you may still dig it.  Im holding off on 
putting it up for download until the vinyl is out
so Go out, get it!



The idea for this project occurred to me on the Casket tour of 2006.  Dan, after consuming substantial amounts of alcohol and marijuana would bust out into incredible freestyle flows that made fools heads spin.  It's a shame i did not have a tape recorder with us along the trip. But after the tour i vowed to make beats for Dan's spittin'.  There is a strict formula for these hip hop jams.  It is as follows:  (Dan Kozuch, a.k.a. DK Tip, [5 years ago] + mad blunts + a microphone) + (Nick Holtz, a.k.a. DJ 8-Ball [5 years ago] + mad bluntz + Fruity Loops + one 4 track cassette recorder) = RADIO FUCKING CAMERAS!  This is a 2 song single.  There are more to come.  In total i think we've already recorded about 7 songs, including these two.  Represent bitches.  Radio Cameras is goin platinum!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Speaking of bands that sound like Jesus Lizard, in light of the very last post (Young Widows)  Here's my most recent break-up.  I put this collection together of Low Character recordings, which include the demo from 2009, the song off of the Western Mass, Wild Wild West comp, one more unreleased song, and two practice recordings, without vocals, of two songs we never got to play live (I quit the band before we could).  Some songs have Tim on drums and some are with Jaybo.  Oh!  Almost forgot there is one other song which i recorded myself using a drum machine, and a guitar riff I wrote for the band never got used.  I actually sing fragments of lyrics from "synthesize," which is what the song later materialized into on that one.  I miss this band, but its tough to be in a band with some people.  -shruuuuuuugs-


LOVE THIS BAND!  Jesus Lizard on steroids.  The whole album is fucking incredible.  Band's from Louisville Kentucky.  I have yet to see them and im half a man until the day i do.

IRON HAND - Usurper Divine

Saw these guys a while ago at Dad City.  It was a great set, with no shortage of energy.  Everyone was into the band too.  The vibes were great.  This band is from a dude you may know, Brian Fernette.  He's recently moved from Connecticut to my beloved state.  I believe the rest of this band is from CT also.  This is some heavy, crusty shit.  Some of the riffs boarder on black metal harmonies, while the drums pummel you into the muddy ground like a war tank's caterpillar track.  Brian sings.  Its a great EP.  Thanks to Brian for sharing with us.  peace!