Wednesday, March 30, 2011


soooo i posted Black Sabbath's album, Sabotage a couple days ago and i just got an e-mail notifying me of copyright violations so the post was removed by blogger.  I hate capitalism.  =.(

anyway, get that album somewhere else!  Its incredible!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


In light of the recent news on Wrest's sexual assault on his girlfriend who is apparently also 16 years younger than him, with a tattoo gun, heres an album that is from my favorite project of his. This is THE darkest. most depressing black metal album i've ever heard.  Its beautifully sorrowful and drags you down with it, through a psychedelic holocaust.  Haha yes!  thats the best way i can describe it to you.  Hope the description leads you to be curious enough, if you haven't heard the album already to download this.  I could also say that if you are a fan of Neurosis you may dig this alot.  It gets super heavy at times with lots of ambient synthy drones.  The albums insane!  It makes you feel like you are lost in a black abyss.  It even has sung parts that sound so sick.  It's too bad that Wrest is a shit bag...  oh well.  =.(  Thank you Tim for this one.  

what a creep-o douche. 

Monday, March 28, 2011

DUSTER - Transmission Flux

Duster sounds like heroine.  Slow, soft, somber...  This 7" is incredible.  

GORGON - The Lady Rides A Black Horse

Who said chicks don't dig black metal?  Heres a French, female fronted black metal band from the early 90s!  SO COOL!  Aptly named, The Lady Rides A Black Horse, this is one of my favorite albums i've heard to date in the genre.  Unfortunately some of the bands later work is quite atrocious.  The best way i could describe it is electronic black metal pop punk... yes i know.  Anyway this one is fuckin ballsy and the vocals are tortured.  give it a listen, it will not disappoint.  

SWELL MAPS - Jane From Occupied Europe

Most of the stuff i've heard from this band sounds like your run-of-the-mill late 1970s English punk band on the cusp of new wave, but this album is crazily eclectic.  Its even got some crazy noise going on and there are no qualms with employing discordant arrangements or sloppiness.  This albums got so much character.  Its from 1980 and it always surprises me to think about that.  Dan Kozuch showed me this album 'bout a year ago and it made my head spin.  CHECK IT!  SWEEL MAPS!

Monday, March 21, 2011



OUTDATES!!!  The most original pop-punk, alt band around in my opinion.  who else sounds like Wipers, Meat Puppets, Hüsker Dü, and Modern Lovers all at the same time?  They're like a 90s, 70s band!  Awesome live shows too.  you know em.  you love em.  Heres a shit load of songs.  The complete Will Dandy sessions.  They've used a few of these tracks on a tape that you may have, but some have not been revealed and i got em all bitches.  Sorry, but i don't have a track list for these songs, but no big, right?  that bass player's a cutie, huh?  =)

SUPERVOID - Infinite Space

Here is Girshwin, of One Happy King's, solo BM.  Quite awesome i'd say.  Three diverse tracks of noisy interstellar destruction!  That Girsh is at it again!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

BURZUM - Fallen

The latest album from Burzum.  It had to grow on me, but this is the shit actually.  At first i was turned off by the sound of Varg's cotton mouth durring the spoken parts... ew.  It reminds me of Chris Lund, sitting with that signature grimace after many hours of smoking pot and drinking Naragansette telling some indecipherable story.  you might not even catch what i mean, but you might.  its gross.  Also the sung parts used to turn me off, but i've come to appreciate them in a way.  This album rules.  Varg's still got it even after those fifteen years in a cushy little bedroom of a cell.  Download it.  Don't buy it.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Learn how to be black.



Just got offered to play another solo gig in a basement with Marv:

Saturday, April 16th
@ Meat Gum in Northampton
more info t.b.a.

For the hell of it, heres a song i recorded when i had the strange idea to write an all digital album that had a bit-crusher effect on everything and was really high-pitched.  Its a different version of the last track on Human All Too Human, By Nocturnal Glory.  I put the song as a hidden track on one tape i sold the night of my first show at the flywheel.  You lucky bastard.

SAVAGE WHALE - Pat's Jello Pudding Thesis/Dissertation

This is a bunch of Holyoke kids I went to high school with a few grades below me.  That includes Girshwin, of One Happy King on guitar.  Above is a picture of them playing a tiny show in my parent's living room, which was a bust when my dad got home from work expectedly to find about 30 random high school kids wandering around the house.  Dangur played that night as well.  My dad was so cool about it though.  Heres some recordings of Savage Whale, a punk rock cuadfecta of dump ass rockin.  fun shit right here my ass clappin western massers.