Tuesday, March 29, 2011


In light of the recent news on Wrest's sexual assault on his girlfriend who is apparently also 16 years younger than him, with a tattoo gun, heres an album that is from my favorite project of his. This is THE darkest. most depressing black metal album i've ever heard.  Its beautifully sorrowful and drags you down with it, through a psychedelic holocaust.  Haha yes!  thats the best way i can describe it to you.  Hope the description leads you to be curious enough, if you haven't heard the album already to download this.  I could also say that if you are a fan of Neurosis you may dig this alot.  It gets super heavy at times with lots of ambient synthy drones.  The albums insane!  It makes you feel like you are lost in a black abyss.  It even has sung parts that sound so sick.  It's too bad that Wrest is a shit bag...  oh well.  =.(  Thank you Tim for this one.  

what a creep-o douche. 

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