Tuesday, April 19, 2011

SANGRE Y TIERRA - Estrujándonos en El Mar (2011)

The newest release from Marv.  He gave this cd to me last Saturday when we both played solo sets at Meat Gum in Northampton.  This CD is a change, lyrically, from stuff in the past.  This time the lyrics are deep and personal, about a past relationship Marv once had, but what hasn't changed is that the lyrical content is still not typical of the genre, which i love.  The emotion of his music goes hand in hand with the story.  A lot of the music is pretty ambient/depressive and very somber.  It kinda reminds me of Leviathan or Xasthur.  Definitely has a US sound.  The opening track is a classical guitar number accompanied by synthy drones and creepy sounds.  There's also a noise track entitled, "Lúcido," which takes on a real digital/electronic, almost robotic sound.  Its a pretty diverse collection of songs and to top it all off the CD ends with a cover of Rudimentary Peni's song "Rotten To The Core!!!!!"  WTF!?  This has got to be my favorite Sangre shit along with his stuff off of the Sangre/Disguster split.  Marv is nutzzzz.  check it yo!

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