Thursday, April 21, 2011

UNGOLIANT - Demo 2011

Our demo is finished!  And we're quite proud of it i might add.  This is Ungoliant, my new band.  Keenan's on guitar, Girshwin's on bass, and Brian Larken's on Vocals and I'm playing drums.  This is some raw, lo-fi black metal with a hardcore punk edge.  The pic above isn't the cover of the demo.  Brian is still working on drawing one.  We'll be handing out some tapes of this demo this Sunday at our first show, which is as follows:

Sunday, 4/24/11
(call me, or Dan, or Tim for details)
& one more that i forget

Its a last-minute show because Hoax's last date for tour got canceled or something, so we've relocated with a different lineup.  Anyway heres our the demo son:

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