Thursday, May 5, 2011


Speaking of bands that sound like Jesus Lizard, in light of the very last post (Young Widows)  Here's my most recent break-up.  I put this collection together of Low Character recordings, which include the demo from 2009, the song off of the Western Mass, Wild Wild West comp, one more unreleased song, and two practice recordings, without vocals, of two songs we never got to play live (I quit the band before we could).  Some songs have Tim on drums and some are with Jaybo.  Oh!  Almost forgot there is one other song which i recorded myself using a drum machine, and a guitar riff I wrote for the band never got used.  I actually sing fragments of lyrics from "synthesize," which is what the song later materialized into on that one.  I miss this band, but its tough to be in a band with some people.  -shruuuuuuugs-

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