Tuesday, May 17, 2011


The idea for this project occurred to me on the Casket tour of 2006.  Dan, after consuming substantial amounts of alcohol and marijuana would bust out into incredible freestyle flows that made fools heads spin.  It's a shame i did not have a tape recorder with us along the trip. But after the tour i vowed to make beats for Dan's spittin'.  There is a strict formula for these hip hop jams.  It is as follows:  (Dan Kozuch, a.k.a. DK Tip, [5 years ago] + mad blunts + a microphone) + (Nick Holtz, a.k.a. DJ 8-Ball [5 years ago] + mad bluntz + Fruity Loops + one 4 track cassette recorder) = RADIO FUCKING CAMERAS!  This is a 2 song single.  There are more to come.  In total i think we've already recorded about 7 songs, including these two.  Represent bitches.  Radio Cameras is goin platinum!

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