Thursday, June 2, 2011

KALPA - The Path of The Eternal Years

I am going crazy on Korean black metal right now.  Here is on band, Kalpa, the oldest Korean b.m. band that i know of, having formed in Seoul in 1996.  pretty impressive.  This 4 song full-length album is from 2002.  It is reminiscent of the Norwegian brand of the genre, but it carries a level of harsh darkness that not many measure up to, in my opinion.  Also reminiscent of the of the Norwegian scene is the inclusion of ethnic and cultural music.  The last song on this album features a pan flute playing an eastern melody, perhaps reflecting Asian roots.  This album is raw and rips of face off with a nail-studded baseball bat while you fall into a freezing hell mother fuckers!!!  And look at the imagery!!!! (below)  Yes, typical, but COLD as the music itself!  love it.

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