Friday, June 3, 2011


Formerly known as Deceivers, this is the band's first release as Psychic Blood, Leaves.  I recorded this on cassette some time ago and Jason's finally ready to let you all hear it.  It was a fun recording session.   All the music was done live first take, but honestly my favorite part of recording this band was doing the vocal overdubs.  Watching Jason OOOH and AAAH without hearing any music was pricelessly funny hehe.  This stuff is slightly different from the Deceivers releases.  It sounds like Sonic Youth, Wipers, and Bleach-era Nirvana had a very healthy 3-way baby.  Its a bit darker than before.  Download this.  Also, congratulations to these guys for getting their summer tour with Outdates together!  Have fun guys!

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