Friday, June 3, 2011


I would like to share with you a band of mine, which has yet to leave the ground.  Cramp Class was originally myself on bass, Keenan also on bass, Tim on drums, and DK on vocals.  We practiced for a few months and eventually recorded a 3 song demo.   It was a difficult and challenging band to be in.  We really pushed ourselves to the best of our technical and songwriting abilities.  But, not long after the demo, Tim became disenchanted with the band.  Probably because of the frustration of the songwriting and the fact that he would rather focus his attention on Hoax and that he was "over the Melvins thing" (???).  Hey, no hard feelings.  Love the crazy bastard.  Keenan and I were looking for refreshing though, and we didn't want to start from scratch and dumb-down the songs we worked so hard to put together so Tim left the band and we are currently reworking the line-up.  We've become involved with other projects since, but keenan and I plan to return to the band at some point with a different line up when we find the time.  This stuff is like sludgy Melvins with a hardcore influence.  Let me know what you guys think!  tell me that you hate it!

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  1. I remeber keenan talking about this project awhile back, sounds great. hopefully you guys will pick it up again at somepoint