Friday, June 3, 2011

ALASKA IN WINTER - Space Eagle (The Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Ok... Some of you may think this album is a surprising post for me, but yea, i can get into electro-pop from time to time.  I like it ambient and spaced out.  Space Eagle is just that.  The third full-length from this solo project, there were only 100 copies of the album ever made and all were on cassette...  As i love cassettes, i think thats kinda cool.  Apparently there are an intro and outro that are only available on those cassettes.   Kind like that idea as well, but im bumbed i'll never hear them... then again its probably leaked anyway... fuck i might even have that version for all i know.  A kid i met at Umass, Patrick Ashline burned me the album.  We'd talk about black metal and the conversation would eventually lead to a rant on economics and the Cold War.  Patrick is a true Marxist/Leninist hehe.  ANYWAY, I fell in love with this album.  makes you feel good.  For hipsters only though.  get the fuck out if you aint got a mustache and hi-top Nikes son!  DANCE YOUR ASSES OFF!

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  1. I'm more into indie, electronic & shoegaze than electro pop but this is awesome. I wish it were a 320 but it was encoded very highly for a VBR. It kinda sounds like it has that intro outro you are talking about. I also noticed "Ghost Pterodactyl" has nearly the same melody as David Bowie / Brian Eno's "V-2 Schneider" from the "Heroes" album. Nice post!