Monday, February 14, 2011

CASKET - 7" 2006 (Unreleased)

This is Dan and Brett (of One Happy King), Dave, and Gorge's old HC band from way back in 2006.  The band lasted only a little more than a whole summer and toured once for a week.  I tagged along and it was the best time of my life.  This was the cover art that was intended for a 7" that never saw the light of day.  It was made by Joe (singer of Three Fifteen).  George then went on to start the band Revenge some years later and decided to recycle the cover art and use it for that band.  Casket comes out on top though i will say with conviction.  Dan's lyrics are unique, personal, dark, and deep.  He'd probably show you if your interested.  The band was so good live.  You'll enjoy this if you like Modern Life is War or probably most mid-tempo, heavy, contemporary hardcore.  oh yea i added one song from their first demo onto this 7" collection.  sweeeeet.

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