Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This is five songs of sexual blast-fuck.  Its is a new solo project from one of my best buddies, Dan Kozuch of One Happy King.   He just finished these recordings.  You might know the little prick and if you actually do, it makes this stuff that much better, but if you don't the keyboard should be enough to sell you on it.  This fucking project is named after a ridiculous, wooly trench coat he bought at savers... wow.  Here it is: FIELDMASTER.



  1. The Kizmokian blast beat is a wackathon. I will jerk off to it all day. Where did that blast come from you ask? A baby Marek sold that shit to him cause he moved to Swiiiden and didn't have room for it in his ma's house. but rilly, they aren't even alike. DK Tip's is more like a Billdozer on a rimpage, but one that spurts like a cum and then dries up all over your couch(*see also, my couch) b4 you can even grab a lil tissue paper a wipe it up and around wit. Effortless. I'll jerk off to it all day.