Sunday, February 20, 2011


Yes.  Far overlooked, this band is, in my opinion, one of the greatest hardcore acts to come out of Western Mass in the new millennium.  Me and the boys would always make it a point to see Sick and Tired and watch Zach take out all of his weekly frustrations out on a microphone.  The most unsuspecting of people to be glaring back at you like he'd suck your blood.  I mean the guy looks like he'd be your camp counselor or something.  LOOK AT THAT BUTTON UP!  Kuhld.  Not to mention the absolute intensity of the rest of the band.  They've had a number of line-up changes over the years including some guys from bands like Libyans, Low Character, Waste Management, Bare Bones, Shoot to Kill, Foreign Objects...  PSHYUH!  This collection of songs, which im not sure what it actually is because they've all just been collected onto my i-tunes for years, ironically (due to the picture) features their first singer (i believe) accept for one song, which Zach is on (Weak Willed).  They're broken up now, for the most part and I miss them.  I actually have an entire full length (which slays, and features Zach on vocals) that hasn't been released that i'd have to ask before i put up.  but it might end up on here sometime in the near future.  This is some dark, angry fuckin hardcore, reminiscent of Poison Idea.  LOOK OUT!

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