Wednesday, February 9, 2011

BRUJERIA - Mantado Güeros

Aurelio, AKA Sqwoosh, was drunkenly raving about this Mexican band the other night at a show.  He was psyched on the lyrical aspects of drug smuggling and satanism.  He also claimed they were really serious about "Gringo-killing," claiming that they were legit about this shit.  However, a quote from Metal-Archives claims that: "The band was formed in 1989 by Juan Brujo, Fantasma, Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys) and Dino "El Asesino" Cazares (who formed Fear Factory around the same time); then other members joined."  JELO BIAFRA, a white, far-left winged dude, so i doubt the seriousness of the lyrical content.  But then again who knows if thats even true.  I just thought this was funny seeing how excited he was about the whole thing.  sorry to burst your bubble Sqwershy.  Either way he is a good judge of mexican grind/death metal and i enjoyed this brutal album and look at that cover!  ¡ÉCHALE UN VISTAZO PUTAS!


  1. More specifically, they hate immigration laws and most of white America who are unquestionably looking the other way while thousands of Mexicans are murdered by power hungry drug cartels. They may throw the "gringo" around the same way OFWGKTA throws the "N" word around. But, I'm going to guess that they seriously dislike white America. Just my guess. Bassist from Napalm Death is also in the band: He plays guitar as seen here:
    But yeah, Aurelio is pretty much correct! And he DOES know more than anyone I know about Hispanic Metal. Dude turned me on to Ekkaia and Machetazo.

  2. Thanks for shedding some light on that marvin! It would make much more sense that Jello was a founding member in that light, as he shares those views for sure. But what Aurelio was saying was that they were truly advocating senseless violence and true hatred. I think it may be more of a political statement, that an actual advocacy of violence on the basis that Jello does not advocate violence or war or racism or hatred. thanks Marv.