Thursday, February 10, 2011

DOOLEYCAT - Live @ The Elevens

Dooleycat, Dooleycat, Dooleycat...  A long awaited arrival for Chris Dooley, himself.  I had kept forgetting to turn this recording into an mp3 to give to him, but now its right here.  Heres the premise: at one point Fishercat had a scheduled weekday show at The Elevens in Northampton, but just as expected Chris Lund (singer of Fishercat) opted out and didn't even show up.  Chris Dooley suggested that instead we all play the set ourselves, Fishercat, minus Lund, plus me and Dooley and Marv, and... wow i can't remember who else, but there were like six or seven of us using whatever we could find to make a sound; trombones, drums, amps, keyboards, screaming babies...  It was a kind of symphony of diarrhea.  There were only about 8 or 9 more people at the show watching the set way in the back at the bar.  I loved the fact that i thought everyone hated what was happening, but if you listen to the end of the set you'll hear all those 9 people clapping intently... i was confused.  That grumpy sound guy came up to me with an exuberant compliment.  I wonder weather they thought we had really thought this crap out like some sort of artsy pit stinkers, with high wasted jeans and flight goggle glasses...  Don't get me wrong I was happy either way.  This was fun and hilarious as it should have been.  "Every time i take a piss, I pull my pants down all the way!"

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