Saturday, February 26, 2011


This was an old band of the infamous Krak brothers, Nate Wilson, of Monster X and Gloom records, and Doodey of End of a Year and then later got a new guitarist to replace Nate when he moved.  It was formed in the early 2000's in Albany, New York.  Lasted about a year i think???  These guys kicked so much ass.  The use of the wa pedal on these recordings is so perfect.  It really makes this demo stand out as far as hardcore goes.  J Krak's lyrics are awesome (included in the pic above).  One of the most memorable shows with these guys was probably the first time i saw them.  They opened up with a slow, ominous, swelling intro.  Meanwhile J Krak wanders through the crown slowly and looking fuckin meeeeaan.  Finally it kicked in and the band exploded with pure energy.  SO FUCKIN' GOOD.

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